Overview of the Units

Unit 1: Getting StaRted

  1. What is R?

  2. How to use R as a calculator

  3. How to create and subset vectors

  4. How to summarise vectors

Unit 2: Working with Data

  1. How to work with dataframes and matrices

  2. How to extract subsets of data

  3. How to get data into and out of R

  4. How to work with and access lists

Unit 3: Analysing Grouped Data

  1. How to choose a statistical test

  2. How to compare counts between groups

  3. How to calculate group-level stats in dataframes

  4. How to test for associations

Unit 4: Analysing Continuous Data

  1. How to test for correlation and causation

  2. How to check your model

  3. How to deal with binomial and count data

  4. How to deal with multivariate data

Unit 5: Advanced Graphics

  1. How to plot different kinds of data

  2. How to modify existing plot elements

  3. How to add elements and organise plots

  4. How to encoding values in graphics

Unit 6: Basic Programming

  1. How to write less code

  2. How to automate your work

  3. How to sample and generate random values

Updated: 2018-09-08